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The UnyTech ,  is the materialization of a project that has brought some serious professionals of the sector of theComputer Science And The Nets of Telecommunications,to highly create a center for the development, the creation and the popularization of technological apparatuses and of automation.

All departs from the potentialities made by the COMPUTERS available that exploiting hardware and specific software hey allow to automatize whole processes of development.

Our products are the synthesis between high technology and demands of market. UnyTech follows his own client furnishing adjourned consultations and professional. With high professionalism and great determination, with an evolved and competitive technology and thanks above all to a definite entrepreneurial wish and to a depth spirit of innovation, the UnyTech, wants to anticipate the demands of the market focusing her own strengths in to furnish a more and more complete service to his own Customer.

Our systems result useful beginning from the smallest of the entrepreneurs, thin to reach the firms more corposes.

The experience in the sector of the IT matured both in Italy, but especially in the countries of the North Europe, where technologies are exploited today to full for speed up your process of management, they allow us to highly offer qualified consultations to the consumer.